Reasons Why Maruti Suzuki Cars Have The Highest Exchange Value

Reasons Why Maruti Suzuki Cars Have The Highest Exchange Value

Every Maruti owner wants high exchange value on their cars. You must buy, sell, or exchange your used car with the right dealer to get the most advantages. At Popular Maruti, we ensure proper, satisfactory service and quality experience. Your relationship with us doesn’t end with the purchase of your car; it involves a long-term relationship, which requires constant help and support.

Popular Maruti is Kerala’s one of the leading Maruti Suzuki dealership serving clients throughout the State in different regions by providing amazing deals. With a group of experts equipped with significant industrial skills, specialized consultants and administration experts, we became a prominent dealer for all your Maruti car needs. Our range of services including Maruti Suzuki car insurance,  exciting deals on new cars, used cars, car exchange offer, car servicing, driving school, and more.  

Why do Maruti Cars Have the Highest Exchange Value?

Maruti cars are always considered vehicles for all and are hugely bought by the middle class. Maruti cars are incredibly designed with exceptional performance, low Maintenance costs, incredible mileage, and great value for money. In the Indian automobile market segment, Maruti provides affordable cars with stylish designs and facilities, which are highly sought after by middle-class segments and it satisfies customers’ needs at a minimum cost without compromising quality and status. 

In addition, Maruti cars offer good mileage, one of the essential elements Indian customers look for in the vehicles. Maruti cars have never left customers dissatisfied and they became a popular choice, available at an affordable price. That’s why Maruti cars are India’s highest exchange value vehicle. Moreover, if you resell your vehicle in the open market, you may get a profitable deal, but you have to look for buyers and find a suitable car broker, which is quite complex. Conversely, exchanging your car at an authorized dealer is a hassle-free and easy option. Connect with us at your nearest Maruti Suzuki Service Centre in Kerala. Our Maruti Suzuki service centers are located in Trivandrum, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Calicut, Kannur and all other districts of Kerala and Chennai.

Factors Affecting the Exchange Value of Your Car

  • Reading Of Odometer

Generally, all Maruti cars come with a fitness certificate valid for specific number of years. But the age of a car also depends upon the kilometers driven, with a less-used car getting more value, and also upon the proximity to its fitness expiry.

  • Condition of the Car

The condition of a car plays an essential role in its valuation. Clean exterior and interior, good tyres, battery, electronic equipment and regular servicing are indicators of good maintenance, which adds to a higher price.

  • Car’s model and year of manufacturing

Usually, some models which are highly in demand get a higher valuation, and get sold easily in the market. Another factor affecting the car’s value is the year of manufacturing of the car model. 

  • Ownership of the Car

A first-hand car owner always gets the highest resale value, while the second or  third-hand owner gets a lower price for their car. 


Check On-road Price of Maruti Suzuki Cars Available at Popular Maruti 

Wagon R On-road Price

starts at Rs.5.47 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.7.20 Lakhs

Alto On-road Price

starts at Rs.3.25 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.5.02 Lakhs

Swift On-road Price

starts at Rs.5.92 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.8.85 Lakhs

Celerio On-road Price

starts at Rs.5.25 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.7.00 Lakhs

Tour S On-road Price

starts at Rs.5.25 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.7.00 Lakhs

Swift Dzire On-road Price

starts at Rs.6.24 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.9.18 Lakhs

Eeco On-road Price

starts at Rs.4.63 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.5.94 Lakhs

S-Cross On-road Price

starts at Rs.8.95 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.12.92 Lakhs

Ciaz On-road Price

starts at Rs.8.78 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.11.76 Lakhs

Baleno On-road Price

starts at Rs.6.49 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.9.71 Lakhs

Ignis On-road Price

starts at ‎Rs.5.96 Lakh and goes upto Rs.8.77 Lakh. 

XL 6 On-road Price

starts at Rs.11.29 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.14.55 Lakhs

Ertiga On-road Price

starts at Rs.8.35 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.12.79 Lakhs

Vitara Brezza On-road Price

starts at Rs.7.84 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.11.49 Lakhs

S-Presso On-road Price

starts at Rs.4.00 Lakhs and goes upto Rs.5.64 Lakhs


Why Choose Popular Maruti for Exchanging Your Maruti Car?

Popular Maruti is a leading Maruti  Suzuki dealership in Kerala, offering the highest exchange value for Maruti cars. Many dealers are available in Kerala, but choosing the right place to exchange your car is the perfect way to secure an exciting and profitable deal.

Exchange Advantages at Popular Maruti Cars

  • We offer the highest price for your car with a transparent evaluation and the best exchange options.
  • You will get the best deals on new cars ranging from a wide variety of Maruti cars, including NEXA cars. 
  • Get an attractive Exchange bonus 
  • We provide Zero down-payment facilities 
  • Easy Low EMI options are available  
  • Your car goes into the right hands with a profitable deal.
  • We provide clean Documentation and a hassle-free exchange experience.

           *Terms and Conditions Apply

Get your car exchange with Popular Maruti at the best price and get exciting deals on a wide range of cars, including Swift, Wagon-R, Vitara Brezza, Ertiga, Alto, S-Presso, and Swift Dzire, and more. In addition, we provide Maruti Suzuki Car CNG Models at the best on-road price in Kerala. Get in touch with us and learn more about Maruti exchange offers today!

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