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Breakdown Assistance (MSRS)

Roadside Assistance

If you are the proud owner of a Maruti Suzuki car, then you should know that this brand offers some of the best services related to your car. These services are meant to help owners with basic maintenance activities, roadside assistance during emergencies, and even repair work in case of a breakdown. You cannot own a car without being prepared for any eventuality. It is for this reason that manufacturers offer various services along with their cars so as to reduce the stress of ownership and increase the peace of mind of the owner. Here’s what you should know about Popular Maruti’s breakdown, roadside assistance, and basic maintenance services.

What is Maruti Suzuki Breakdown Service?

In the event of a breakdown, a car owner can get their car serviced at a Maruti Suzuki Service station or authorized repair shop. However, you must make sure that the problem is not caused by you. Examples of a breakdown include when your car’s battery dies, you run out of fuel, or you have a flat tyre.

Popular Maruti Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is a service offered by Popular Maruti. It is meant to protect you in case of a breakdown on the way to your destination. The service offers assistance in the form of a towing service, a battery jump-start, or a fuel delivery in case you run out of fuel. Time and certainty are crucial in these circumstances. Our first objective is to reach you as soon as possible and fix your vehicle's issues. In light of this, we offer emergency roadside assistance through our Popular Maruti Road Service throughout India, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You can avail of 24 x 7 Roadside assistance anywhere anytime by calling on our toll-free number 1800 123-8090.

Popular Maruti Breakdown & Repairs

If you experience a breakdown, visiting the nearest Maruti Suzuki service station is not possible all the time, In that case, you can also contact us on the helpline number - 1800 123-8090. The expert team from Popular Maruti will help you with the arrangements to get your car repaired. The team will pick up your car at the earliest possible time.

With Popular Maruti Breakdown and Repair Service, you can receive a variety of on-road assistance services if your vehicle has broken down or requires minor on-site repairs. Our Roadside Assistance services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Vehicle towing/recovery assistance
  • Battery jump start
  • Locked out/lost key
  • Flat tyre assistance
  • Minor onsite car repairs.

There are various factors that determine Popular Maruti Breakdown and Repair Service charges. On-road services are priced according to the service required, the distance to the service centre, and other such factors.

You can get in touch with Popular Maruti Breakdown and Repair Service for your car troubles. Popular Maruti provides 24-hour roadside assistance. Regardless of whether it's a holiday or not, you can connect to Popular Maruti Breakdown and Repair Service for car troubles at any time of the day or night.


1. How do I access Popular Maruti's roadside assistance?

You can contact Popular Maruti Roadside Support at our toll-free number, 1800 123-8090, for on- road assistance.

2. What kinds of services does Popular Maruti Roadside Assistance offer?

You can get a variety of on-road services from Popular Maruti Breakdown and Repair Service, regardless of whether your car broke down or if you only need basic on-site repairs. Our roadside assistance services, which are not restricted, comprise:

  • Vehicle towing/recovery assistance
  • Battery jump start
  • Locked out/lost key
  • Flat tyre assistance
  • Minor onsite car repairs.

3. Can I use Popular Maruti's roadside assistance at night as well?

Popular Maruti provides round-the-clock on-road services. This implies that you can contact Popular Maruti Roadside Assistance for your car difficulties at any time, on any day, regardless of whether it is a holiday.
By contacting our toll-free number 1800 123-8090, you can make use of this service.

4. What does Popular Maruti Roadside Assistance cost?

Popular Maruti Roadside Assistance fees are determined by a number of variables. The cost of on-road servicing for your car will vary depending on the type of work you need to be done, how far you locate from the repair facility, and other similar variables.

5. How soon will I receive assistance from the Popular Maruti Roadside Assistant?

Our Quick Response Teams (QRTs) will get to you as soon as they can. The QRT in the nearby service centre will be mobilized as soon as you call our toll-free number at 1800 123-8090 to request assistance.