Xmas Carol Song Competition Event at Kottayam Showroom

Popular Maruti requests the pleasure of your esteemed presence for the extravagant X’mas Carol Song Competition Event , held at the Kottayam showroom,on Saturday, 10th December 2016, 4.00 pm

Terms & Conditions of the event

1. The participants are encouraged to exhibit a theme based performance.

2. The Winning team shall be awarded with a cash prize fo Rs.15,000/-

3. The First & Second runners up shall be eligible for cash prizes of Rs.10,000/- & Rs.5000/- respectively

4. The time allotted for a team would be 15 mins

5. All the necessary orchestra & accompaniments are to be taken care of by the participating teams

6. Popular Maruti shall provide the sound system

7. There can be upto 15 participants in a team

8. The decision of the judging panel shall stand ultimate.

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