Which is the Best for Your Car - An Authorized Service Centre or a Local Mechanic

Which is the Best for Your Car – An Authorized Service Centre or a Local Mechanic ?

The Care Your Car Deserves

A car needs timely and proper care to ensure its continuous performance. A vehicle that is maintained properly will have lesser issues such as break-downs, worn-out accessories, faulty air conditioning, engine noise and vibrations. One must take out time at the manufacturer-specified service intervals to take the car for servicing and other periodic maintenance as this will enhance the vehicle’s performance and increase its shelf life.

Another benefit of regular car servicing is very high fuel efficiency. As the serviced car has its lubricating oils changed, which lubricates the moving parts for smooth and friction-less movements; coolants replaced, which helps in maintaining the engine operating temperature; and replacement of oil and fuel filters at specified intervals, the fuel efficiency goes high up and you can get maximum value for your money as the car will end up giving more mileage for the amount of fuel that you put in. To ensure that the vehicle has extended engine life, you must visit the servicing centre at the manufacturer-specified service intervals, choosing only authorized service centres that are qualified and trained to diagnose and service the vehicle to the manufacturer-specified standards. If the car is not maintained properly and engine oils are not replaced, then there will be an excessive build-up of sludge that will result in fast wear and tear of the engine.

Many car owners are often confused as to whether they should take the car to an authorized service centre or a local mechanic for regular servicing as well as for any other issues. While a local mechanic may be able to give you services at a comparatively lower rate, it is important to check if the mechanic is trained and qualified to repair, whether he uses the recommended lubricants in the right quantity, and whether he uses the genuine spare parts and if he has the right tools and equipment to repair the vehicle at par with an authorized service centre.

Here are some of the assured benefits of visiting an authorized car service centre:

  • The spare parts and accessories that you will get at an authorized service centre are sourced from the company itself and thus they are 100% per cent Genuine. This means that you will get only the genuine spares and accessories recommended by the manufacturer at these service centres;
  • Authorized car service centres hire qualified and experienced professionals who are well-versed in handling your vehicle. Any job such as periodic maintenance, AC & Electrical repairing, Accidental repair etc. will be done with utmost expertise by the experienced staff who are regularly trained by the vehicle manufacturer;
  • You will have peace of mind while driving your vehicle till the next service due date as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. You can assure yourself that the vehicle is roadworthy, all the preventive maintenance check is done and only genuine spares are used in your vehicle;
  • If your vehicle is under warranty, you get the damaged or faulty parts replaced free of cost at any company authorized service centre;
  • Getting your car serviced at the authorized dealer will increase its resale value. Many buyers look for the service history of a car (especially if it belongs to the premium category).

Speaking of a renowned brand like Maruti, you can easily visit the nearest Maruti Suzuki service centre, and get your car maintained by expert professionals. At Maruti, you can be assured of the highest level of professionalism, sleek services and detailed car care. If you own a compact car like Maruti Suzuki Wagon R or Maruti Suzuki Alto, it is advisable to visit an authorized service centre, because these cars can give performance issues if not maintained properly.

For someone who has a Maruti Suzuki Swift, the company’s authorized service centre would be a great place to get the latest car parts as well as accessories as per your needs. Depending on the variant of your Swift car, you can get the right accessories. The authorized service centres are also well-equipped to maintain cars like Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

Lastly, even the bigger utility vehicles can be serviced at competitive prices at the authorized service centres. There have been good results in the engine performance and mileage of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga if it has been exclusively serviced at the Maruti authorized centre. The service centres also provide you with ancillary services like periodic reminders for your next car servicing, offers and discounts on special occasions and good resale contacts if you ever wish to sell your car. To sum it up, choosing an authorized service centre over a local mechanic is any day a better call for the longevity and performance of your car.

It is also critical to select the best authorized service centre for your vehicle. Popular Maruti is the greatest alternative for you if you live in Kerala. Popular Maruti is a renowned authorized auto dealer in Kerala, with the best and broadest service network for Maruti Suzuki vehicles.

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