These Driving Errors Can Endanger Your Vehicle: Maruti Suzuki's Expert Opinion.

These Driving Errors Can Endanger Your Vehicle: Maruti Suzuki’s Expert Opinion.

You may be very skilled at driving, which is one of the most widespread forms of transportation, but sometimes professional driving can lead to bad accidents and harm your vehicle if you’re not careful. Silly mistakes often lead to impaired driving habits that eventually risk our safety, resulting in casualties. These are usually caused by common driving mistakes that can cause damage to your vehicle. In this blog, you will find out all the mistakes you could be making unintentionally that can lead to accidents.

Not paying attention 

You can get into trouble and hit your vehicle if you are not attentive while driving. People nowadays have their tasks mainly through their phones. This makes them repeatedly look into the phone, eventually leading to accidents. You can get charged for offence if the police authority sees you with a phone in your hand while driving. To avoid these, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your phone so that your hand remains free. It would be best if you focused entirely on preventing fatal accidents.

Using wrong fuel

Every car has its fuel type to be used. In many cars, they use unleaded fuel as it is also the cheapest. If you are unsure about your car type, then check out the manual to see which kind of fuel it uses. If you fill up your car tank with the wrong kind of fuel, it can damage your car’s engine.

Driving with low tyre pressure

If your car tyre pressure is low and you are continually driving without checking on the car’s tyre pressure, it may cause a blowout of the tyre and lead to a harmful accident. Make sure that you check the tyre pressure every time you drive.

Not having a cooling system 

Your car may overheat, so a liquid cooling system is required to keep the engine at a stable temperature. If there is no cooling system, the combustion process may raise the engine’s temperature to the point where the metal parts start to expand and deform or even fuse. This can cause your engine to stop.

Maruti Suzuki service availability 

The points mentioned above are the minor mistakes that can happen and lead to damage of your vehicle. Suppose this happens with a car that Maruti Suzuki builds, then there is no need to worry, as they are known for their excellent customer service. You can go to the nearest Maruti Suzuki service centre in your area, which will help you to solve your car damages better. They also have their app, which allows you to take help from the service provider anywhere. 

For any query or feedback, you can write to them on their e-mail id- or call them on this toll-free Maruti Suzuki Customer care no. – 1800 102 1800.

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