Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire Experience: How it Dominates the Compact Sedan Market with its Bold Style and Premium Panache

2008 was an unforgettable year for Maruti Suzuki. Their latest model, the Swift Dzire, was making its grand entry into the newly formed compact sedan space. With its hatchback counterpart, the Swift, already having a proven track record, the Dzire was expected to have an impact on the market, and it did.

Sales were through the roof for this premium compact sedan. Over its 15 year-long journey, the Swift Dzire has racked up over 20 lakh units being sold across India, which averages up to 15,000 units sold per month and 1 Dzire being sold every 2 minutes!

In this piece, we’ll take a look at why Dzire has had such a tremendous impact on India’s automobile industry and how it stands out amongst its competitors in such a highly competitive segment.

Comfort Backed with Immaculate Style

During its inception, the Dzire did not have a wow factor in its design. With criticism taken into account, Maruti Suzuki revised the design of the Dzire, which includes decreasing the overall length to under 4m, making it a sedan that falls under the sub 4 m sedan category, making the Dzire more affordable to the middle class.

The interiors are packed with dual tone colour schemes, premium upholstery for comfort and stylish looks, and chrome accents that enhance the luxury factor of the vehicle. Furthermore, the spacious cabin offers ample legroom for passengers and the driver, making it more comfortable for long drives.

Maruti’s After Sales Support and Assistance

When it comes to customer service and aftersales support, no brand in India can compete with the standard Maruti has created. With their network of service centres spanning every corner of India, you can get Maruti Suzuki roadside and breakdown assistance anywhere and at any time!

Being one of the oldest car manufacturers in India, you’re not just buying another Maruti car, but rather buying into the sales and support system, which adds to the overall ownership experience.

Market Leading Resale Value

When it comes to good resale value, Maruti has proven to create vehicles with exceptional resale value. Like any other Maruti car, the Dzire also has a good resale value. In an era where the value of cars depreciates with time, it is optimal to have a car with good resale value.

Engine as Good as Gold

In a country that still revolves around “kitna deti hei?”, having a reliable engine with equal parts performance and mileage is important for middle class buyers. Under the hood, the Dzire hides a Fiat-sourced G13 1.3-litre petrol, and the recent 1.2-litre K12 engine, all of which delivered decent performance, good fuel economy, and stellar reliability, making Dzire the star of the premium compact sedan segment. 


Maruti Suzuki Dzire is arguably one of the most influential automobiles of the 21st century, and is still setting the benchmark for vehicles in the sedan segment. From the striking designs to the comfortable interior, the Dzire is the perfect blend of style, power, and affordability.

With top-of-the-line sales, service support, and Maruti Suzuki Cars Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS), the Dzire provides a more compelling ownership experience. Despite various cars from every brand released in this segment, Dzire has been constantly leading the pack with immaculate sales and a strong customer base.

So if you are on the lookout for the best sedan in today’s market, we’d suggest you check out the latest models of the Swift Dzire ASAP!

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