How To Make Your Maruti Car Last Longer: 6 Tips to Prolong Its Lifespan

How To Make Your Maruti Car Last Longer: 6 Tips to Prolong Its Lifespan

Owning a car is a big responsibility, and when it comes to Maruti cars, they are a reliable and economical choice. But, like all cars, they need regular maintenance and care to keep them running in top condition and prolong their lifespan. This article will discuss 6 tips that you can employ to make sure your Maruti car lasts longer and provides reliable performance for many years to come. With the right maintenance and care, your Maruti car can be a joy to drive for many years.

Check Tire Pressure and Alignment Regularly

The tires on your car are one of the biggest wear items, so it’s important to check their condition regularly and keep an eye on their pressure. Checking the tire pressure regularly can be quite helpful in letting you know if one or more of your tires needs to be looked at or filled with air as soon as possible. Checking the tire pressure regularly and maintaining it to the specific values mentioned in the user manual will help you avoid a lot of wear and tear on your car’s drivetrain, saving you money down the road.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Your car’s owner’s manual should outline the proper maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle. Following this schedule will help keep your car running in top condition and prolong its lifespan. It’s also a great idea to talk to the service manager at your local Maruti car service center about their recommended maintenance schedule for your specific car. They will be able to give you the advice and insight that only comes from working on these cars on a daily basis.

Change the Oil and Filter Regularly

Like all cars, Maruti cars need their oil and filter changed every so often, depending on the type of oil that’s recommended for your specific car and driving conditions. For example, if you drive in stop-and-go traffic, you may want to change the oil and filter more frequently than someone who does a lot of highway driving. Most car manufacturers will recommend a certain interval for changing the oil and filter, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what’s recommended for your car. Changing the oil and filter can help catch potential problems before they become big issues and save you money in the long run. It’s also a good idea to have your car’s oil checked periodically at your nearest Maruti car service centre.

Monitor the Coolant and Brake Fluid Levels

Another important aspect of regular maintenance is monitoring the coolant and brake fluid levels. These are both important fluids in your car’s braking and cooling systems, and it’s important to keep an eye on their levels. It’s also a good idea to have a technician at your local Maruti car service centre check these fluids for you, just to make sure everything is okay.

Stay on Top of Repairs and Replacements

While you’re doing regular maintenance, you may notice that some of your car’s parts and pieces need to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the parts of your car that need to be regularly replaced, such as the air filter, spark plugs, and fuel filter, to name a few. If you keep on top of any maintenance issues as they arise, you’ll save yourself from a big repair bill down the road.

Regular Cleaning and Waxing

Lastly, while it may not be a maintenance, it’s still important to keep your car clean and waxed to protect it from the elements and look its best. Regularly washing your car will help prevent it from getting too dirty, which can lead to rust and other issues. Regular cleaning and waxing can help keep your car looking new, which can lead to a higher resale value when the time comes to sell it. It can also help protect your family from harmful elements like allergens, pollen, and harmful UV rays.

Nearest Maruti Suzuki Car Service Centre

Are you interested in finding the closest Maruti Suzuki service center in either Kerala or Chennai? If so, you can stop your search! Popular Vehicles and Services is one of the leading Maruti car dealers in India, and they have several service centers scattered across the country. In Kerala, you will find service centers in Kochi, Thrissur, Trivandrum, and Kozhikode. Also, there are service centers in Tambaram, Vadapalani, Anna Nagar, and Avadi in Chennai. All of these service centers provide a wide selection of services, from basic maintenance to more complex repairs. Plus, we have a 24/7 customer care team available, so you can be sure that you will always be taken care of. So if you require any help with your Maruti Suzuki vehicle, you can go to the closest Maruti Suzuki service center of us!

New Model Maruti Suzuki Swift Car On-road Price

If you’re searching for a dependable, fashionable and economical vehicle, the brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift is the right option for you! This incredible car offers several features to make your ride enjoyable. Its smooth design and powerful engine make it an ideal pick for people who want a car that looks incredible and runs even better. The Maruti Suzuki Swift also gives you a good value for your money, making it a great option for those on a tight budget. Furthermore, it is equipped with lots of safety and comfort features such as double airbags, Anti-lock Braking System, power windows and a touch-screen entertainment system. You can pick from a variety of attractive colours for the car, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. With an on-road price that is very competitive, the Maruti Suzuki Swift is an excellent choice for those who want a dependable and stylish vehicle at a reasonable cost.

New Model Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Car On-road Price

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has just been released and is full of features! Its exterior is sleek, and its engine is powerful, setting it apart from other models. What’s more, it’s offered at a remarkably economical on-road cost. With top-notch safety components, such as rear parking sensors, anti-lock braking system, and airbags, you can have peace of mind when you’re on the road. Plus, its fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs make it a great option for those looking for an inexpensive car. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, the Wagon R is worth giving thought to. Its modern design, impressive engine, and accessible price tag will be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

New Model Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Car On-road Price

Searching for the most recent Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 On-road Price? We have you taken care of! The Alto K10 is an ideal vehicle for those in the market for a dependable, reasonable and trendy option. The car offers a great deal for the money as it accompanies a lot of highlights and a great fuel proficiency. The on-road cost for Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 begins from only Rs. 4.23 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 4.68 lakhs. It is accessible in both petrol and diesel variations, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. The car likewise offers a great mileage, so you don’t need to stress over topping off the tank excessively regularly. Thus, on the off chance that you’re searching for a dependable and attractive car at an affordable cost, the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is the ideal car for you.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Car On-road Price

If you are searching for a reasonable yet dependable vehicle, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is certainly worth your contemplation. Boasting an on-road cost beginning from just Rs. 8.84 lakhs, this car is ideal for those who are on a strict budget but still require a secure and dependable vehicle. It has a fashionable design and is provided with numerous features. It also has a commodious and comfortable interior, making it excellent for extended trips. This car is powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine that provides a maximum power of 103bhp and a peak torque of 138Nm. In addition to this, the car is fitted with safety components including dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors. All these characteristics make Maruti Suzuki Ertiga a great selection for those in search of an affordable yet dependable car.

New Model Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Car On-road Price

Maruti Suzuki recently released their newest model, the Grand Vitara, which is loaded with features. It has a 1.6L VVT engine, anti-lock braking with EBD, fog lamps in the front, and cruise control. The price may vary in different states, however the average cost across India is around 9.8 Lakh rupees. Moreover, the car has a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a sunroof, and rear parking sensors to make it even more desirable. It also comes with a 5-year/1,00,000 km warranty, offering peace of mind. The Grand Vitara is an ideal option for those looking for a feature-packed and fuel-efficient car that is dependable. In conclusion, if you desire a car that looks great and has the power to back it up, the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is the perfect option for you.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Car On-road Price

Are you thrilled about the Maruti Suzuki Brezza? It has an elegant design, remarkable performance, and a reasonable on-road price that makes it hard to resist. The on-road cost of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza begins at only ₹7.36 lakhs, making it the ideal automobile for those on a limited budget. This cost includes all taxes, insurance, and other charges, so you are confident that you will not be confronted with any unforeseen expenses. And it is not just economical; the Brezza also comes with a wide selection of features. It has a robust 1.3-litre diesel engine, innovative safety systems, and a comfortable interior. In addition, there is the choice of a dual-tone exterior, giving you even more choices. So what are you waiting for? Take the Maruti Suzuki Brezza for a test drive today and experience the ideal blend of power and affordability.

Maruti Suzuki Car Exchange Offer

If you’re seeking a vehicle but don’t want to spend too much money, the Maruti Suzuki Exchange Offer is the perfect choice! This offer allows you to change your old car for a new Maruti Suzuki vehicle at an unbeatable rate. The process is simple: simply submit your information online, visit a Maruti Suzuki dealership, and receive a complimentary inspection of your car. The dealer will then provide you with an exchange offer based on the age and state of your car. You could save up to 80% on a new Maruti Suzuki compared to regular prices. And there are no hidden charges – no registration fees, no taxes, and no extra expenditures. Furthermore, you can obtain exclusive deals on accessories and extra services. So why delay? Look into the Maruti Suzuki Exchange Offer right away and get your dream car on the road!

Maruti Suzuki Roadside/Breakdown Assistance

Maruti Suzuki Roadside Assistance is a beneficial program for anyone who owns a Maruti Suzuki car. This service furnishes its users with 24/7 coverage in case of an emergency or breakdown. It has a broad range of aid, from vehicle towing, fuel delivery, and even flat tire repair. This service ensures that the driver is looked after regardless of the situation. Furthermore, it provides additional advantages such as discounts on car parts and services, roadside aid with no extra fee, and a gratis yearly safety inspection for your car. All of these advantages make Maruti Suzuki Breakdown Assistance an excellent deal for car owners.

Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance Online Renewal

Are you eager to make the most of your Maruti Suzuki Insurance? With Maruti Suzuki Insurance Online Renewal, you can renew your policy quickly and without any hassle. There is no need to wait in queues or go through paperwork – you can take care of it all in one place. Moreover, you can get discounts and add-ons to save money. Furthermore, you can track multiple policies and adjust your policy to your personal needs, from 24/7 roadside assistance to accident coverage. And the best part is that you can get all of this for an incredibly low price. So, don’t wait any longer – renew your Maruti Suzuki Insurance policy online and benefit from the convenience, cost-savings, and peace of mind that come with it.

Maruti Suzuki Genuine Car Spare Parts and Accessories

When you own a Maruti Suzuki vehicle, you understand the significance of using genuine spare parts and vehicle accessories. Not only does it keep your car running efficiently, but it also safeguards the reliability and safety of your car. That is why Maruti Suzuki offers a broad range of genuine spare parts and car accessories. From air filters to wipers and oil filters to brake pads, they have everything you need to keep your car in excellent condition. In addition, they also provide a wide selection of car accessories to improve the look and feel of your car. Their selection of car accessories includes seat covers, alloy wheels, floor mats, fog lamps and more. With Maruti Suzuki’s genuine spare parts and car accessories, you can be certain that your car is in the best care. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best car accessories and spare parts from Maruti Suzuki now!

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