Get your FASTag before it becomes mandatory from 1st December 2019 !

FASTag enables toll payments directly from a prepaid wallet or savings account linked to it. Affixed on the windscreen of your vehicle, it is automatically scanned as you drive through a toll gate, without having to stop at all. You get an SMS alert on your mobile for the amount deducted. Without a FASTag, you have to pay double the toll from 1st December.

FASTags are issued by 22 certified Banks through select branches and various Points of Sale at Toll Plazas. You can also buy your FASTag using “My Popular App”.

My Popular App offers you FASTag at a unique price of just Rs.500/-. Kuttukaran employees get an extra discount of Rs.100/-. So hurry up before the stock is over.

You can self activate your FASTag using “My FASTag” mobile app available in Play Store / App Store. Submit your vehicle details and KYC and then you have an option to either link the FASTag to any of your existing bank account or to start a prepaid Wallet. If bank account is opted, amount is debited directly from the account, provided sufficient balance is ensured in the account. In the case of the Wallet, money has to be loaded in the wallet beforehand. It can be recharged through various channels such as payment through cheque or through UPI/debit card/ credit card/ NEFT/ Net Banking. Limited FASTag account holders can preload upto Rs.20,000/- in the wallet, while Full FASTag account holders can load upto Rs.1,00,000/-

Alternatively, you can also activate FASTag through a certified Bank branch. You can link FASTag to your bank account by submitting a copy of your vehicle Registration Certificate and KYC documents along with your photograph.

You cannot use your FASTag for more than one vehicle. So buy separate FASTags for each vehicle you own.

For those residing within 10 kms radius of a toll plaza, concessional toll can also be availed using FASTag. To avail this proof of residence within 10 kms has to be submitted while activating FASTag.

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