BS6 – Fuel for a Better Future

Consequent to the drastic climate changes, there is a huge demand the world over for making our air cleaner and safer. Governments too are bringing in strict laws to regulate the level of pollution. The Indian Government launched the Bharat Stage Emission Standards in 2000. The aim is to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engines including motor vehicles. The norms have been made progressively stringent over the years. Currently vehicles in India adhere to the BS 4 norms. But from 1st April 2020 onwards, Indian automobile industry will move to the BS6 norms.

1. The purpose of BS6
Once the BS6 norms are adopted in India from 1st April 2020, only vehicles that comply with this emission standard can be registered in India, be it petrol or diesel engine. This will elevate India to the same emission norms that are followed in the US and the European countries. BS5 has been skipped in an effort to move to such better emission norms.
The prime aim behind this move is to improve the air quality in our cities. Recently our National Capital Delhi was literally transformed into a gas chamber due to the high toxicity in the air. Once the BS6 technology is in place, the emission of NOx, particular matter and NMHC will be substantially reduced.

2. The significant change in BS6 vehicle
To meet the BS6 norms, all vehicles – both petrol and diesel – will have to upgrade the engines to a higher technology so as to meet the BS6 emission norms. It becomes costlier too for automakers to manufacture vehicles according to the new standards.
Much ahead of the statutory deadlines, Maruti Suzuki has come out with seven BS6 compliant cars, becoming the first OEM to do so.

3. Fuel grade used in BS6
BS6 fuel has only 10 ppm sulphur content as against 50 ppm in BS4. The harmful NOx can be brought down by 70 % in diesel cars and by 25 % in petrol cars under BS6.

4. Running BS6 vehicle using BS4 fuel
Though BS6 compliant vehicles are mandatory from April 2020, BS6 fuel is not readily available everywhere now. The impact of using BS4 fuel in BS6 cars depends on the technology used by the automaker.
Maruti Suzuki BS6 cars have been tested with BS4 fuel and no major operational issues were found affecting vehicle performance and engine life.

5. Benefits of BS6
Once BS6 vehicles become common, the main advantage is the decrease in air pollution due to lesser emission of harmful substances. The engine technology used in vehicles also gets upgraded thereby improving its efficiency.

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