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Popular Vehicles & Services Limited (“Popular Vehicles and Services” or “Company”), is the third largest dealership for Maruti Suzuki India Limited (“Maruti Suzuki”), in terms of sales volume in India and belongs to the the Kuttukaran Group. Having started the business in [1939] the founder late K. P. Paul, pioneered many initiatives in the automotive industry and grew rapidly in strength.

Popular Vehicles & Services Limited is Maruti’s first Dealer in Kerala, having started its operations in 1984 at Thiruvananthapuram. In its nearly 35 years of dealership business, the name ‘Popular’ is invariably identified with Maruti Suzuki and it is also ranked as one among the best in performance.

Popular Vehicles & Services Limited holds an accreditation of the ‘Royal Platinum Dealer’ for Arena dealerships by Maruti Suzuki for 2017-2018 and we have also been categorized within the “Alpha Band” for Nexa dealerships by Maruti Suzuki for 2017-2018, adjudged by Maruti Suzuki.

Popular Vehicles & Services Limited has launched virtual reality, bringing to the customer the comfort of exploring cars of their choice from their home and we also have customer relationship centers through which customers can contact us 24/7 for all vehicle related needs. Efficiency and quick customer feedback are pursued, helping our Company to move forward in an increasingly digital world.

In our Company, manpower is continuously trained for skill enhancement. Having a training center for automobile body repair and automotive painting, its technicians have won acclaim in international competitions such as the World Skill Competition for Auto Body Repair & Car Painting Skills 2017.

Currently Popular Vehicles & Services Limited has 7 Arena showrooms, 4 Nexa showrooms, 40 service centres, 6 used car sales showrooms and 5 used car outlets under the ‘Maruti True Value’ brand, 7 driving schools, 32 e-outlets across Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


“I began by selling reconditioned tyres. As the dust settled, military vehicles that served World War ll dotted our land. I saw an opportunity in salvaged vehicles and parts.””

“I soon realized that the mechanics who came to buy these foreign parts knew little about them. Rebuilding engines was then a logical step forward.”

“To thrive, a business must expand – in the right direction, at the right time. We scaled up to car dealerships from the increasingly crowded spare parts space bringing new brands to the liberalising Indian market.”

“In business, like in game of cards, you should take risks. But you must calculate the odds.”

K P Paul
Founder, Kuttukaran

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