Messages from the desk of Managing Director and HR

John K. PaulJohn K. Paul

Managing Director

Managing one of the largest automobile retail groups in India, John K Paul is the Managing Director of Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. & Prabal Trucking, dealers for Maruti Suzuki cars and Daimler Benz Trucks respectively. He is also the director of Marqland (dealers for Jaguar Land Rover cars), Popular Auto Dealers Pvt Ltd. & Kuttukaran Trading Ventures – comprising the divisions of Popular Automobiles, Popular Mill Stores & Kuttukaran Engine Rebuilders. He is the Managing Trustee of the Kuttukaran Foundation that runs the Kuttukaran Institute for Human Resources Development which is engaged in Skill development.

John K Paul is an engineering graduate from the Regional Engineering College, Kozhikode. He is one among the board of trustees of TIE Global – world’s largest organisation fostering Entrepreneurship. He was the president of the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was the past president of TIE Kerala. He is, currently the President of Kerala Automobile Dealers Association and has been actively associated with FADA for the past six years; he was also the vice-president of FADA during 2014-16 and honorable secretary during 2012-13 and 2013-14. Currently, he has taken over the president ship of Federation of Auto Dealer Associations ( FADA ), the first time ever from Kerala in 51 years ( since inception).

Son of the legendary path breaking entrepreneur of Kerala, Shri. K P Paul. He had his schooling done from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, Ooty and is the president of its Alumni Association. He graduated from the Regional Engineering College, Calicut.

Johnson MathewJohnson Mathew

Head – Human Resources

We at Popular Vehicles family believe in taking care of our greatest asset, our employees, as only passionate and committed set of employees will take care of customers. Further we firmly believe that our delighted customers will take care of the business. Our focus is always on providing all stake holders with the latest technological advancements happening across the globe. We always look forward to feedback and suggestions for improvement from customers and employees. In a nutshell we are a listening and learning organization.
Teamwork and Tenacity are the two pillars on which our organizational culture is built. We provide an entrepreneurial work culture which fosters creativity, innovation and look at challenges as opportunities to excel. Wishing you a great journey with us.

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